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13 Reasons Why the Book Was Better

13 Reasons Why is on Netflix!! We've all binge-watched things on Netflix and this will be another one of those shows.. But the book is always better!

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Coming Up for Air…Review and Praise for Miranda Kenneally

One long night of reading that ended too soon. That is how people will remember Coming Up for Air. With a bit of romance and some added drama, take a journey with Maggie as she learns to navigate the world of boys while still holding tight on to her dreams of being an Olympic swimmer. This is the 8th installment of the Hundred Oaks series and will be flying off the shelves soon.

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My Guilty Pleasure

With thousands of young adult love stories to sift through, one blogger sets out to bring you the best of the "fluff". Here is the list of the MUST READ romance books in young adult fiction!

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The Fall of Lisa Bellow–The good and the bad

As the girl left behind, Meredith Oliver has to learn how to live with the fact she was helpless, useless, and is now being consumed by guilt of not saving Lisa Bellow. The Fall of Lisa Bellow shows the rippling effects of being a survivor, the good and the bad.

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Bad Girl Gone-Simply to Die For

This enthralling novel of ghosts and revenge is the perfect novel for any young adult who loves complicated triangles of emotions and unique plot twists.

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Bookshop Adventures in NOLA

You could say my vacation was all booked... A weekend in New Orleans would not be complete without a trip to all the bookstores around the French Quarter!

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This Too Shall Pass–Beautiful and Chic

Beautifully chic and extremely intriguing... Blanca, a 40-year-old woman who recently lost her mother tries to find a new happiness in adventure... and sex!

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King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard Review

With this enthralling third installment, Victoria Aveyard keeps her readers in suspense as they continue their journey with Mare and the Scarlet Guard to save themselves, reunite with the newbloods, and bring down the traitor Silver Prince.

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Girl Underwater by Claire Kells: Review

Author Claire Kells begins her writing career with this tension setting adventure about a collegian swimmer and her tale of survival in a crash and life after the rescue.